quarta-feira, 5 de julho de 2017

Como os plásticos poluem, matam e perturbam a vida...

MIDWAY a Message from the Gyre : a short film by Chris Jordan from Midway on Vimeo.

Mais: http://plasticchange.org


Plastics - the facts 2015  Published on Nov 5, 2015  
An analysis of European plastics production, demand and waste data

... e, já agora, vejam este trailer

e este vídeo:

«Publicado a 24/05/2017
United Nations - Plastic - both a wonderful invention and a scourge on our planet. Over 300 million tons will be produced this year.
Most is never recycled and remains on our land and in our seas for ever. Our story shows the damage to all creatures who depend on the ocean for their food – from birds… to us.»

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